Imprecision Cooking: Can't take credit for these

Friday, July 8, 2016

Imprecision Cooking: Can't take credit for these

Ever go to a restaurant, and eating something so delicious that you become obsessed with it and cyber stalk it until you find the perfect recipe for it? Yeah, me too!

Here are my five favorite table-to-computer recipes:

1. Restaurant: Kit n Kitchen; food: chimichurri sauce
My husband will put chimichurri on anything.

2. Restaurant: Scratch; food: shakshuka
My kids love shakshuka so much, my daughter wanted it for her birthday party.

3. Restaurant: My old boss; food: Irish cottage bread
This is the plain kind. It's supposed to be more authentic. I like to make it as a part of a ploughman's lunch. Makes me feel like we are on vacation.

4. Restaurant: None. I've never had this dish until I made it from this recipe (the photos sold me); food: bolognese
A note: I don't really think you need 8 hours to make this. Three is still awesome, and even 1.5 will work.

5. Restaurant: Sol's cousin's girlfriend; food: mole
It's really a crazy recipe, but here's a manageable one:

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