40 by 40--one thing i'm doing: declutter challenge!

Monday, February 23, 2015

40 by 40--one thing i'm doing: declutter challenge!

So I saw on the FBs a declutter challenge:
40 bags in 40 days

And since I've been looking for a declutter challenge, and can count to 40, I decided to pick this one.

I've added a couple categories: toss, donate, recycle, and use. The weirdest one may be use, but here's my thoughts on that: I have a bunch of half-used stuff. Half a bottle of conditioner. Three mostly used ketchups. A face mask sample. A bag full of bath bombs.

Why do I keep these things? If there is a zombie apocolypse, the last thing I'm going to care about is leave-in conditioner. But I don't want to waste it. And the prissy side of me wants to see if it will, indeed, make my hair as lustrous and shiny as it claims. So why wait?

Photos to come. Actually, prolly it will be too, too embarrassing.

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