40 x 40, domestic edition

Monday, December 1, 2014

40 x 40, domestic edition

On August 19, 2016, I will turn 40. All in all, it's been a pretty good ride. I've had a lot of adventures already, and already live in a wonderful place, so a lot of stuff I've read on other blogs (eg, try sushi, go surfing, bake a cake [for pete's sake!]), I've already done. But in creating this list, I do have a couple limitations--well, three to four of them. Having little children means I had to keep these to-dos kind of close to home, can't spend a ton of money, and have to keep the time commitment manageable (so, a four-week ski and spa trip in Switzerland is a no-go, as is the summer writers' retreat at Neropa).

With those things in mind, here's my list. It's a compilation of adventures, things I haven't because I'm a slacker jerk, plans for the future, and physical challenges. If you want to join in on any/all, let me know!

1. Fly in a hot-air balloon or hang glider.

2. Complete a Spartan Challenge or other mud obstacle course.

3. Perform stand-up comedy.

4. My e-publishing site, MoananuiVoices.com, is up and running, and I have a plan and a direction to make it a full-time job.

5. Force my husband to take a real family vacation.

6. Back to pre-babies size, or healthiest alternative.

7. Try belly dancing, pole dancing, or Bollywood dancing. Go to at least five classes.

8. Complete MUTU system.

9. Sing with the band!

10. Get another tattoo.

11. (Self?) publish a novel.

12. Do something for 100+ days straight.

13. Complete a declutter project.

14. Register to vote.

15. Do six months' worth (180 days) of meat-free eating.

16. Take each kid somewhere overnight.

17. Write one million words of my own stuff.

18. Send presents or whatever to everyone who responded to that FB post that one time.

19. Walk five million steps (my pedometer app has lifetime steps, so this started in November 2014).

20. Complete a Duolingo language.

21. Correspond with someone (who speaks that language) in that language.

22. Help someone's career.

23. Clean out the stuff I have at my mom's house.

24. Start a podcast.

25. Learn and record myself (and friends, hopefully) doing a WilldaBeest choreography.

26. Institute Hawaiian spirituality practice, a la Ku Kahakalau, in my family.

27. Take a martial art.

28. Write a will and figure out kids' custody and whatnot.

29. Buy an ukulele.

30. Read and review 20 non-fiction books.

31. Complete each kid's first year photo album.

32. Zipline!

33. Write a fan letter to Stephen King.

34. Do a pin-up photo shoot.

35. Complete the Kulaiwi DVD series, or other 'olelo Hawai'i language-learning system.

36. Participate as a family in a community race or run/walk.

37. Donate blood.

38. Write a poem in 'olelo Hawai'i.

39. Cook a turducken!

40. Post each of these to my blog.

And one to grow on: Find five new things to do, five places to travel, and five things to accomplish by age 50!

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